SAHM Survival Guide

Being a stay at home mom is such a privilege. But who am I kidding, it’s a lot of hard work! During the last 10 years I have learned a few things that will make your days not seem so long, make the most repetitive tasks enjoyable, and keep you encouraged. Even at 4pm when dinner needs to get started, your husband isn’t home yet, and you’re feeling like bedtime is light years away. Keep in mind that as  much as you may try to plan the perfect day, your little “bosses” are unpredictable. Runny noses, diaper blow outs, burnt biscuits, and cups of spilled juice are inevitable. The key is to not let it ruin your day. Roll with the punches or in some cases, hugs and kisses!


1. Your Bible
Yes, the Bible app on your phone counts!!! Use the daily reading guide to start your day, or while sitting in the car rider line. Feed your self God’s word DAILY! I promise it’s better boost than any venti latte from your favorite coffee shop 🙂 He has a word for you even as your fold a mountain of laundry! 
2. Water Bottle
Keep yourself hydrated!! Remember that even the world’s best athletes also need to take a water break. As silly as it sounds too many mommies forget to drink water during the day. And believe it or not, you too can have meltdown from a lack of food and water. 
3. Timer
The best decision I ever made was allowing myself to take a 30 minute lunch and two 10 minute breaks a day. You are a WORKING woman! Therefore you are entitled to a break!! Set the timer and tell your children/ husband you are in a break. Some moms call it a “mommy time out” but this can confuse your children into thinking you are in trouble. Explain to them that mommy works very hard for the family and she is taking a break to refresh herself before the next task. As long as you are able to see them and they are safe there is no reason why you can’t go to the bathroom, read a few pages of your devotional or magazine, or enjoy some water and a granola bar. 
4. Two Friends
TWO friends that you know will take your call or text at any moment and remind you you’re doing a good job, or pray with you. One is not enough as she might be busy herself, always have a backup 🙂 Offer to be another woman’s go to gal in the event she just needs a few words of encouragement, because WE ALL NEED SOMEONE! 
5. A Game Plan
Wake up every morning with a plan for the day. Write down what you would like to accomplish, and what you NEED to accomplish. Tell your family what that plan is or post it in your kitchen for everyone to read. Keep your children informed on what you are doing and the task that comes next. They will feel apart of the team, and it will help them to realize that there are goals for the day. Don’t think of them as tag-alongs, but as team mates trying to help your win the big game! They want to be informed and just like you they want to know what is coming next. 
My prayer is that these practical tips and reminders will allow you to serve your family with a heart of Thanksgiving, and joy. To realize that you must make yourself a priority. The woman is the heartbeat of the home, if the heart stops beating, areas of the home will start to die. Stay encouraged Titus 2 Women, your work is not in vein, & God has not forgotten about you!

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