Mommy Resources


There are so many tools and helpful tips for the mommies of the Earth, and we’re incredibly blessed to have many of those at our fingertips at any given moment!

I’ve created a list of resources that have enhanced my mothering. There has never been a flower that bloomed too big, too bright, or too beautiful, and I’m always seeking to become better wife and mommy than I was the day before. SO MANY have said you never stop learning, and that couldn’t be more true! If you were working outside the home, your company would host training events to improve your skills, and in turn enhance the awesome job you are already doing. I believe there should be no difference in the desire to fine tune your efficiency at being a helpmate to your husband, and awesome mom to your children. Here are some incredible resources that will push you to be a better mommy!


  1. MOPS!!!! Mothers of Preschoolers is a life changing ministry. I promise once you get plugged into a MOPS group you will wonder why you didn’t find one the moment that home pregnancy test has two pink lines! Visit to learn more and find a group near you!


2. Bringing Up Boys /Brining Up Girls By James Dobson– An incredible book on how to raise strong confident children. Including how to discipline and maintain strong communication.


3. What To Expect Book Series– This series of books will take your from your first trimester of pregnancy all the way through the toddler years. Filled with helpful tips, suggestions, and warnings about your pregnancy and the early years in your child’s life. Even after 4 children I still pull out my what to expect books 🙂


4. Children’s consignment stores!!! They will change your life. Once you discover that you can purchase new or next to new clothing, furniture, and other baby gear for pennies on the dollar you will never or at least rarely go back to shopping at retail stores for kids items again. Face it, they grow much too fast anyhow, and as the Duggars one of my favorite tv families always say; “Buy used, and save the difference”



5. A comfortable baby carrier!!! My favorite carrier is the Tula. After wearing others this little number is not only comfy for you but comfy for your little one also! They come in SEVERAL different prints, and styles to match your personality, PLUS there is even a large storage pocket for your phone/keys. PS: This is NOT an ad 🙂 I just adore this product!

Visit to find the perfect carrier for yourself! 


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