Quarterback Mommy


A successful football team has a great head coach, and an awesome quarterback to carry out the plays the coach has drawn up. I think of my family has a team, but not just any team; a 1988 San Francisco 49ers team 😉 God designed the husband to be the head coach, the wife to be the quarterback, and the children are much like the offensive line. Their goal is to move the ball in the direction of the end zone and make as many touch downs as possible to win the game. In order for that to happen there must be a game plan. Everyday we are starting the clock with tasks that need to be accomplished, and the family team must work together to make sure at the end of the day you are victorious. Ephesians 4:16 reads;

From whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Your family is also like a body. In order for the arm to bend, the leg to move, the toe to wiggle, or the heart to beat it must send a message to the brain first. It must communicate what it wants to accomplish. Without the proper communication you would get arms blinking, toes smelling, and eyes sneezing. Communication is key for every family team. Without it there would be a lot of chaos, and trust me God does not want our families filled with chaos and disorganization. Far too often we get frustrated with her children for not understanding the importance of everything that we the mommy must get done during the day. We snap at them in frustration and anger. And the reality is, they don’t know or understand because we have not told them. Our children are not mind readers. How else would they know that the chicken has to go in the crockpot before 11 AM  on low in order for it to be done by 5 PM if we do not tell them. It may sound silly, but we then expressed frustration that they’re calling us to watch a commercial of their favorite tv show, as if they know that it’s 10:56 AM and the chicken is not yet in the crockpot. 

Every mom has a plan in her head for what and how things are going to get accomplished during the day. But that plan means absolutely nothing if you don’t let your family know exactly what that plan is. At the start of each day the mom must communicate with her children what the plan of the day is. Children not only love to know what’s coming next, but they love to please their parents. By communicating the day’s plan with your children that allows them to not only assist you in completing the tasks of the day, but it makes them feel needed and wanted much like the MVP of the family! You may even want to go a step farther and write down the plan for the day, and give it to each one of your children. They will be able to follow along, and I suggest you give them some time during the day to work independently on some of the things that are on the plan or agenda. For example; fold towels, unload dishwasher, clean out trunk of the van, eat. At the end of the day your children will delight themselves in knowing they helped mommy and daddy or the head coach and quarterback be able to win the game for their family. I challenge all you Titus two women to sit down with your head coach and plan your day, week, month,quarter, or year. 

Titus 2 women, be the quarterback for your family. Hear the vision for the team from your head coach husband. Draw up plays, communicate it with your family, and run as fast as you can into the end zone! 

We serve a God of order, and he commands order in every area of our lives. Including our household responsibilities a women, wives, and mothers. I can assure you you will have more wins than losses, and your family will flow in a spirit of excellence. 

The Laundry Basket Mission Field

Behold, upon the mountains, the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace! Keep your feasts, O Judah; fulfill your vows, for never again shall the worthless pass through you; he is utterly cut off. Nahum‬ ‭1‬:‭15‬ 

I’m blessed beyond measure. God has truly given me grace and favor by providing me a laundry room that has a door! Our washer and dryer isn’t in the garage, or some awkward pantry but it has it’s very own actual room, with a door, that I can close whenever I don’t want to face the mountain of whites, reds, sheets, and colors staring me in the face. I must admit that I find folding laundry to be quite relaxing, but with four kiddos and a busy schedule sometimes I don’t get to the folding as quickly as I’d like to, and the inevitable happens… THE MOUNTAIN! 

I have decided to look at my laundry as a mission field, because honestly it kinda is! My husband works in the medical field and wears scrubs everyday. He interacts with patients, prays with them, and gives them an encouraging reminder that God has not forsaken or forgotten about them even in the midst of a medical storm. As I hold his scrubs to fold them neatly I pray over them. Lord, give Erick a fresh word for your people. Use him to demonstrate your power in that clinic, and let his job be an opportunity for divine appointments every single day. 

Our oldest daughter is a first grader who loves The Lord, and never hesitates to pray for someone in need. She goes to a Christian school where prayer is a huge part of her day. As I fold her polo uniform shirts and khaki skirts I pray that God will use her as a vessel to send out the gospel on the playground at school. That our sweet girl will be the brightest light not just for her pupils, but for the staff and teachers at her school. 1 Timothy 4:12 reads;

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Although she may carry a pink Barbie lunchbox, and wears a Disney Princess backpack as she bounces out of the car each morning, she is already a powerful woman of God! She has a word for God’s most precious people. 

Our second daughter is fast approaching 4, I think her clothes are the cutest 🙂 she dresses like a little lady and already has her favorite items in her wardrobe. Her Frozen tutu is what she would wear everyday if she could because it reminds her that she too is a real princess! I can’t help but hope that even a grown up lady will be reminded when they see my little princess that they are royalty too! As I fold her array of princess tshirts, socks, and dresses I pray that she will always remeber that she’s the daughter of a KING, thee KING. The one that reigns supreme over all things. That she too will be a mini minister at the park, and on play dates to all her preschool age friends.

My only son has a special place in my heart! We had a special gender reveal photoshoot when we were expecting him. I remember the moment all those blue balloon came flying out of that giant cardboard box , that I instantly thought I can’t wait to see him in his football uniform one day 🙂 I’m so excited to Shoutout grass stains from his pants, I can hardly wait! For now my terrific 2 year old has the largest amount of clothes in each load of laundry. He gets the most dirty each day, and I so enjoy seeing him discover the world around him! My prayer as I fold his tiny guitar or monster truck tshirts is that his same curiosity for the world around him now, will be the same curiosity he has about God’s word later. Just as he now wants to turn over and pick up every rock, stick, and leaf from the ground, he will want to uncover the stories written in scriptures about God’s plan for us, His undying love for us, and the promises He has for all believers. 

Our adorable 8 month old daughter has items so small they often get lost in the laundry. In fact of the nearly 40 pairs of baby socks she once had, there maybe 12 pairs remaining lol. Where they are I have no clue! I must admit though everytime I fold one of her little onesies I think to myself  “we could have another one no problem”. Then I quickly come to my senses, thank God for our four, and remind myself to enjoy them now and worry about having more later. Her little items in the laundry basket remind me how awesome and supernatural God is. So many amazing things have been spoken into her already and it won’t be long before she is doing great works for the kingdom! My prayer for her as I fold her little onesies and small bloomers is that she brings a perfect peace to everyone that peeks in her infant seat as we walk through the grocery store. 

Yoga pants, tshirts, and nursing bras are what you would find from me. Sounds quite ordinary but I assure you I’m doing the extraordinary! I wear the uniform of a stay at home mommy! Fancy? No. Fantastic? YESSSS!! I pray over my yoga pants that while I am walking though our wholesale club store with coupons in hand that God will use me to show the world what a proud Titus 2, Proverbs 31 woman looks like. That I don’t get too frazzled (although I sometimes do) that I show my husband respect, and put our family and home at the the tippy top of my my priorities. Lord, let me be an example, allow me to teach, not only my children but your grown up daughters God, that you made something special when you created Women. Thank you for giving me the biggest, most beautiful pulpit and platform in the world to spread your gospel, by being Erick’s wife and mothering your children in the Earth relm. 

Titus 2 Women, I understand that folding a mountain of laundry is probably not your idea of fun. I also understand that you may not be in a season where you can pick up and move to Africa, or go on a two week mission trip to Haiti or Honduras. But the next time you go to fold your mountain of school uniforms, Thomas the Train pajamas, dish towels, or undershirts for your husband, think of the endless outreach, and mission opportunities that are piled up in that laundry basket! 

Seasoning for your season 

And there you shall eat before the Lord your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your households, in all that you undertake, in which the Lord your God has blessed you. Deuteronomy 12:7

When God created the Earth He made plants and trees vibrant in color. A vast variety of living things from polar bears, to lady bugs. Fruits and vegetables bursting with different flavors for us to savor. God decided to season the Earth with variety, and in that alone we should rejoice! Think about how boring and bland our world could have been. Our God is not boring, and he doesn’t want you to be bored either!!!

During different seasons of life we comfortable in our routines, but God sent His Son to die so we could enjoy and abundant life!!! Don’t get me wrong, routines are very important. In fact I don’t know what my family would do without our rock solid routine. But it’s vital that we enjoy life, and not allow our days to become bland and lifeless. There are 24 hours that we have been graced with each day, and we should find something to help spice things up. Joining a play group, taking a self defense class, take up a sport or hobby to enjoy with your husband! Christ died so we could live an ABUNADANT LIFE! So if you’re bored with the regular everyday tasks, do something about it! My first suggestion is to join a MOPS group of you are a mommy of young children (or expecting). If you are not in that season find a women’s group at a local church 🙂 Fellowship with other like minded women. Enjoy the diverse personalities of your sisters in Christ!! Season up your life! 

The Post that started it all…

it would only be fitting that my very first blog entry would be the Facebook post from 8.22.14 that started it all 🙂 enjoy, and welcome to My Titus 2 Life!!

I have a passion for motherhood. No matter if you work outside the home, or clock in at your kitchen island every morning, we’re all here to do the same work. God placed something in my spirit that I will be sharing soon on my blog, but He has continued to build on that word weekly. Today He stopped me in my tracks with a powerful nugget!
We as mothers, have got to be in the word daily. Not just a 5 minute devotional (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but eye ball deep in the word, relishing in his commandments, instructions, and words of affirmation that have been penned so beautifully for each minivan mom. If you’re a mommy, mommy to be, grand mommy, or auntie that serves the role as a mommy to someone and you have not submerged yourself is his Holy word you are selling your self, your children, and your marriage short. Don’t think that there isn’t something powerful for you in the Bible when you’re feeling overwhelmed by laundry, a pile of unopened mail on your kitchen island, little people hanging off you begging for a bowl of goldfish. He has crafted something for every single mommy situation you could think of. It was written just for YOU! Yes YOU in those yoga pants, with your coffee cup in hand, and messy bun that sits atop your head. So stay encouraged mommies!! You’re doing a great job, you’re not unnoticed, they DO appreciate the crockpot lasagne, and clean underwear in their drawer. Get that Bible app and read it in the car line, open up those silver trimmed pages at night after you’ve tucked in the last little one, and read it for yourself that your are LOVED, God has not forgotten about you, His arms are around you as you fold those Thomas the train bed sheets and Doc McStuffin pajamas. Open your Bible, feed yourself that word, for you my dear are doing the hardest job on they planet. If anyone should be in desperation for His word, Its the mothers. You NEED it.

Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”

Proverbs 31:28-29