All About Christina


I’m Mrs. Christina Castelin, a TITUS 2 WOMAN. I have been happily married to my sweetie Erick for twelve years, and during those twelve years, God has blessed us with 4 daughters and 2 sons whom are the six greatest human beings I’ve ever met. Self proclaimed #MinistryMommy, because I believe if you are a mommy you are in full time ministry!! The relationship I have with Jesus is the foundation of my life, and each day I seek to add another layer to that relationship by reading His word. In my very limited “free time” I enjoy DIY projects, home organization, cooking, and spending time with my husband at our local shooting range. My heart just leaps with joy when I see my family enjoying something yummy I have prepared for them. I embrace my roles, and am so glad God made me a Woman! I have been burdened to bring the Holy Spirit back into the hearts, lives, and laundry rooms of mothers around the globe.




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