Chronological Order


One thing that God expects for our lives is order. Order in our finances, order at our jobs, and order within our homes. Our wonderful Master is a creator, He created all good things, and of those good things He created marriage. What a gift we have in covenant marriage. When marriage is executed the way He designed it, its beautiful, loving, passionate and respectful. Colossians 1:16 states that all things were created through Him and for Him, marriages included! In fact , our marriages are intended to be used as an outward display of Christ’s love for us, and that display should bring glory to The Father, as well as be an encouragement to others. Married and unmarried alike.

God designed marriages and families in an orderly fashion. A chronological order if you will, with our never ending pursuit of Christ coming first, followed by the commitment we have to our husbands, and lastly the responsibility of caring for and raising our children. When a woman becomes a mother it is easy to get those out of order, but Titus 2:4 maps out the order in which our lives should be fashioned “that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children,”  Loving our husbands comes before loving our children. Period. And by doing this it doesn’t make you a bad mom as the enemy would have you believe but it positions you properly and in turn causes you to be a better wife, AND better mother. By displaying an example of a Godly wife for your sons and daughters you are setting them up for a successful marriage later on in their adult years. Keep this in mind, a good mother puts her husband first, a good mother, shows her husband respect publicly and privately, a good mother fosters her relationship with God before she fosters the one with her husband. When you get out of order you are snatching not just yourself but your entire family out of God’s will, leaving yourselves exposed and uncovered. Delight in knowing God already laid out the order of your priorities for you. It’s in His unchangeable word. Knowing this increases your confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of your heart and mind when you prioritize your life according to His will. You can never go wrong with sticking to the map, no matter how tempting a shortcut may look.

Stay in order ladies, and by doing so you paint a beautiful picture to others of what marriage is suppose to be, and encourage those around you that may have gone off course that God’s direction is not only best, but also the most fulfilling. Your attempt to be the best mom this side of Heaven by putting your kids first is sloppy, not biblical, out of order and is certainly unpleasing to God. I don’t know about you but I want to maintain a Proverbs 31:28 life where my children call and see me as blessed and my husband praises me. The only way to accomplish that is to stay in God’s chronological order for your life.

The Gift


The very thought of a gift makes everyone excited. In fact just the word gift brings a smile to my face. Anyone that has attended a birthday party, baby or bridal shower knows there’s  much anticipation when the announcement is made that the guest of honor is going to start opening their gifts. There’s almost always someone standing or sitting next to the special person taking detailed notes on who each gift is from so that a thank you note can be sent out in the coming days following the party.  All of the party guests sit ready to marvel at not just the gift but even how the gift is wrapped! Once the gift is opened comments like “oh wow who bought that” or “what a great gift” will start being muttered from the crowd of on watchers.

Imagine the anticipation in Heaven once we start opening our God given gifts here on Earth. Think about the eruption of excitement when we begin to tear into the wrapping paper of our destiny, without a moment of hesitation to think about saving the wrapping or tissue paper. The look on our Heavenly Father’s face when we reach for His gift, the ultimate gift of salvation. How He must feel when we thank Him for taking so much time and putting forth so much effort to craft something just for us. What an opportunity we’ve been given to publicly thank and recogniz Him for the sacrifice!  At a natural birthday party it’s pretty easy to figure out who the gift giver is because their face is just as excited as the person who is opening the gift!  Having spent days searching for just the right thing, in the perfect color, making sure the size was just right, and then going on to select the best way to wrap it. The gift giver knows their investment, the time spent, and the value of what’s inside the box. God has invested so much into our lives, He sacrificed the very life of His only son, and allowed the precious blood His sweet Jesus to be spilled for the very moment we reached out to grab the box of our purpose and destiny, and unwrapped the gift of eternal life.

Much emphasis is put on the recipient of the gift. They’re given a special chair to sit in, and a microphone to make sure everyone can hear their remarks about each special item that’s unwrapped. Yet the person standing in the corner making very detailed notes of each gift, and gift giver is never mentioned. It is due time to shift our focus from the recipient to the giver. The moment has arrived to recognize the one who provides the public platform for the world to witness our moments of unwrapping. The person taking note of all the wonderful things opened up is overlooked and usually never  appreciated, until the day we open our mailbox and see the personalized hand written note that outlines how much the recipient appreciates what was in the box, and how much use they’re going to get out of that perfect gift they picked out. Our thanksgiving is meant to be personalized, and our praise should never be presented as a cookie cutter offering.

As believers in the gospel, and recipients of the most precious gift ever given, we have a responsibility to make sure our God is glorified and thanked! I encourage you to have someone in your life who will not only take note of the gifts God has given you, but will also assist you giving Him the glory, and remind you to send out spiritual thank you notes to the Father, and to send them often.

John 1:17 states “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Join me in thanking Him for every gift He has presented us, every good thing He has graciously wrapped, and all the beautiful things to come! Our God is more than worthy to be praised, and His love for us is the most incredible gift of all.