You must be steadfast in preparing yourself for not just the birthing process, but also for the eventual baby. So often we talk about God’s timing in a way that seems as though everything we have prayed for will take a long period of time before you see those prayers become manifest in your life. That is not always the case. God is ready to bless you. He’s your Heavenly Father, it delights Him more that it delights you for Him to bless you! But you must get yourself ready for it. You must be ready for the amazing thing God wants to suddenly do in your life. You may have prayed for it, but have you prepared for it? Preparation and prayer should go hand in hand but far too often they do not. When we want to sound super spiritual we say things like “God won’t give you more than you can bare” which the absolute truth. But you may have not received your Boaz, business, or ministry yet because you haven’t made yourself ready for it. You may really want that sudden shift in your life, but have not gotten yourself prepared for it. Have you studied the scriptures on the characteristics of a Godly wife? Researched what it takes to start and run a business? Fasted on the direction in which God wants to take your ministry? Our Heavenly Father is looking for us to prepare our own selves for the blessing. The waiting game is your time to prepare, not your time to remain idle. Ezekiel 38:7 reads; 

“Prepare yourself and be ready, you and all your companies that are gathered about you; and be a guard for them. 

You must prepare yourself and be ready!!!! Think of it as a 16 year olds hat just got their drivers license who desperately wants, and has begged their parents a Ferrari. Any responsible parent knows their 16 year old child is not prepared for the speed and power of a Ferrari, but what they are prepared for is a Ford Focus. That child never looses the desire for the Ferrari, but instead drives the Focus and gets well acquainted with the laws of the road, and different scenarios that happen while driving. All the while their parents are paying attention to the care, and responsible way in which their young adult is handling that car. Then one day seemingly out of nowhere to the 16 year old, they wake up to find a Ferrari with a big red bow waiting for them in their parents driveway. It will be suddenly to them, but the parent has watched for a period of time (it could be long, it could be short depending on how proactive they are in readying themselves) and feels confident knowing they are now well ready for the responsibility of such a fast car. I urge you ladies to not let your prayers and request to God hit the ceiling by your unwillingness to prepare for that which you ask for. Become a lady in waiting that maximizes her time by not just praying but by also preparing. 

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