Seasoning for your season 

And there you shall eat before the Lord your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your households, in all that you undertake, in which the Lord your God has blessed you. Deuteronomy 12:7

When God created the Earth He made plants and trees vibrant in color. A vast variety of living things from polar bears, to lady bugs. Fruits and vegetables bursting with different flavors for us to savor. God decided to season the Earth with variety, and in that alone we should rejoice! Think about how boring and bland our world could have been. Our God is not boring, and he doesn’t want you to be bored either!!!

During different seasons of life we comfortable in our routines, but God sent His Son to die so we could enjoy and abundant life!!! Don’t get me wrong, routines are very important. In fact I don’t know what my family would do without our rock solid routine. But it’s vital that we enjoy life, and not allow our days to become bland and lifeless. There are 24 hours that we have been graced with each day, and we should find something to help spice things up. Joining a play group, taking a self defense class, take up a sport or hobby to enjoy with your husband! Christ died so we could live an ABUNADANT LIFE! So if you’re bored with the regular everyday tasks, do something about it! My first suggestion is to join a MOPS group of you are a mommy of young children (or expecting). If you are not in that season find a women’s group at a local church 🙂 Fellowship with other like minded women. Enjoy the diverse personalities of your sisters in Christ!! Season up your life! 

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